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Welcome to the wiki. We're a community run resource library about the superhero RP known as Villainy & Virtue. This wiki aims to hold information on all the characters and major events that occur in the RP, to use as a reference for both older members to reminisce and new ones to learn about the world & lore of Heartania.

The wiki currently boasts 99 articles. You can help to make more!

What is Villainy & Virtue?

Villainy & Virtue is a superhero/comic-book inspired RP that places you into the city of Heartania, a semi-futuristic environment where science and technology dominates. You have the freedom to craft your own character of any morality with his or her own backstory, traits and direction. You can help to stop the onslaught of Heartania's numerous villains, join their dastardly efforts, or simply exploit the chaos they cause.

Villainy & Virtue is gratefully hosted on the Yogscast Community Fan Forums, and holds the title of the largest RP on the site. It was created on the original Yogscast Community Forums (now defunct) where it was the third largest RP on the site. The in-character RP thread can be found here. The out-of-character discussion thread can be found here.

Here you can find an in-depth page on the RP's members, characters, locations and events!


Contributing to the Wiki

The best way for somebody to contribute to the Wiki would be to create and maintain regular updates on pages about their own characters, or characters and events that they are knowledgeable about.

The Navigation box above shows all characters present in Villainy & Virtue. If one of your character's names is red, it means they do not have a page yet!

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